Listen - active communication

Understanding and responding to client requirements.

We appreciate that it can be frustrating when vendors try to provide what they want to sell, rather than what clients want, or need. We also understand that they are often irritated when consultants – as well as manufacturers – assume that they lack knowledge, expertise, or understanding of what may be required to resolve challenges which they might be experiencing.

I’m sick of people trying to sell me stuff I don’t need.


This is proving particularly unhelpful in relation to new technologies, for which there is limited (impartial) empirical data with which to make a business case. While committed to innovation, we understand both clients’ need to mitigate the risks associated with unproven technologies, as well as their concern with cost effectiveness and ROI.

As independent, vendor agnostic consultants, our role is to gather as much information from the client as possible and supporting them toward identifying a solution that best addresses their business requirements. The process begins by carrying out a scoping exercise to identify current challenges, desirable outcomes, and any business CTQs that need to be translated into measurable product and process requirements. This involves knowing what questions to ask, and actively listening to the responses – a process which cannot be rushed.