Distributed Computing - low latency, secure, & efficient

Making computing power available where it’s needed.

Exuvi8 has been collaborating with manufacturers across the data centre supply chain to bring distributed computing closer to the end user. We are able to offer solutions that integrate single and dual phase immersive cooling, providing flexibility of function – from standard applications to high performance compute.

Powered via battery cell technology, our distributed computing solutions can be deployed with a range of cooling modules – depending on ambient local temperatures. They are available with protection by a market-leading cyber security product, are equipped with a range of immersion compatible servers and storage, and are available with hosted desktop, Cloud, and CAD applications.

The versatility of these solutions make them suitable for a wide range of use purposes. These include – for example – energy and performance management in Smart buildings; Smart management of power and network infrastructure to enable a seamless response to faults; security and access monitoring, and logistics hubs (e.g., ports, rail, and air terminals). Other areas to which they can add value include construction logistics, just-in-time ordering in healthcare, biomedical research, and media applications requiring high performance compute.