Hardware - fast, efficient and reliable

Providing systems solutions to meet every need

Whether you are running processes requiring high performance compute or standard applications, we are able to provide access to chips, processors, memory, servers, and storage through our partners. This includes immersion-ready servers, supplied via manufacturers that have collaborated in our POCs.

We recognise that hardware contributes to the environmental cost of the data centre industry in terms of the energy used and carbon emissions produced in manufacturing processes and transportation, as well as disposal. However, although the demand for faster processing has invariably led to increased equipment turnover, replacement of old for new is not the only option.

Whilst we can facilitate access to new equipment to those who require it, we also align ourselves with suppliers who contribute to the circular economy through the supply of warrantied and rigorously checked refurbished IT equipment without compromising on quality or performance. Whether new or refurbished – or a hybrid of both – we can help clients identify the best hardware solutions to meet their business requirements.