Design - best practice guaranteed

Bespoke solutions designed to individual client requirements.

We believe that developing the right solution is a process that involves collaboration both with clients, and with vendors which share our commitment to environmental best practice standards and believe in providing solutions – rather than products.

Whether a feasibility study, or a full data centre deployment, we treat every project as unique – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. This is particularly the case where clients CTQs are driven by their ESG targets, prompting an interest in deploying new technologies which may help them to achieve these. For example, we can support clients wishing to integrate immersion cooling into an existing system. Because we design modular building blocks, solutions can be scaled to requirement.

Since new considerations invariably emerge during the process – and because business requirements change when we have long-term engagement with our customers – we see the design process as iterative and driven by the need to continually improve.

Where appropriate, we engage partners with expertise in digital twinning. Digital twinning can provide a valuable tool for simulating design alterations and visualising their impact. This can ensure optimal performance and efficiency while minimizing downtime. By creating virtual replicas, data centre operators can plan changes and upgrades, facilitating both smoother transitions, as well as enhancing overall operational resilience.

All our designs comply with best practice standards, including EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) and CEEDA.