Reduced Costs - improving ROI

Making the cost of deployment more affordable.

Among the myths that circulate about immersion cooling is that it is expensive to deploy. While there may be an uplift in CapEx spending compared with traditional air-cooled racks, the fact that the power in our solutions is compressed into a smaller – higher density – physical footprint means that this uplift is offset against reduced mechanical and electrical overheads: a smaller footprint means shorter pipe runs and fewer materials.

Not only does increased power density increase performance and extend the range of applications which clients can run, but it also has implications for running costs since more can be achieved using less power and less water. Because we also factor workload optimisation into our designs, this also reduces the number of servers required to run applications.

We also recognise that few clients will be approaching immersion cooling with a completely blank page. Since most will need to integrate novel technologies with existing cooling environments, we ensure that our solutions are capable of integrating with legacy equipment to minimise unnecessary expenditure.

Contact us to discuss how an Exuvi8 feasibility study can enable you to evaluate these claims using your own workloads and develop a solution that can help future-proof your business for ESG and regulatory compliance.