Tim Chambers Founder I Director I Owner

With over 30 years’ experience of working in the data centre and allied industries, Tim is no stranger to the challenges it faces.

He has been vocal in his frustration concerning the industry’s reluctance to depart from the practice of designing and building inefficient data centres and has spent the last decade or so fine-tuning his vision of a more environmentally sustainable energy and cooling solution.

Tim brings to Exuvi8 a unique combination of engineering technical knowledge and expertise, a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and an understanding of the marketplace developed over a long career in Channel Management. Having secured significant investment in previous build projects, his passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge enables Tim to inspire confidence across a range of stakeholders: from investors to partners, clients to suppliers.

Tim has been involved in the design and delivery of data centre projects for Midland Bank, Nortel, Fibrenet, GE Network Solutions, Network Designers, Data City Exchange and coolDC. He is the brains behind the design of Lincoln Discovery Centre. A project slowed down by a range of challenges, it was through sheer determination to prove that it could be done that he delivered the world’s first hybrid, liquid-cooled data centre. This cascaded hot-aisle containment, in-row, rear-door, and single & dual phase immersion cooling and repurposed surplus heat.

In 2019, Lincoln Discovery Centre won the Global DCD Energy Smart Award and was the recipient of a European Code of Conduct for Data Centres Award for energy efficiency. It also became only the second colocation data centre in the world to be awarded CEEDA Gold for both design and operate. In their final report, the CEEDA auditor wrote:

[the designers] are to be congratulated on breaking the mould of traditional air cooled data centers and moving energy efficiency into a whole new realm. This data center will lead the world in terms of energy efficiency.

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