About us

Our Mission

We live in an age of paradox. On the one hand, many of us have woken up to the realisation that climate change is a reality and are rightfully concerned with implementing measures to slow the impact of environmental decline. On the other, individuals and organisations are increasingly reliant on electronic communication in the conduct of our everyday lives, something which has intensified as we adapt to the disruption wrought by COVID-19.

We believe that as an industry, we can reconcile these paradoxes and that increasing demands placed on the digital infrastructure industry can be met whilst simultaneously adhering to a parallel commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Vision

We see environmental sustainability as a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have, especially as businesses have statutory obligations to meet low carbon targets. Designed to best practice standards – including EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency), CEEDA, and EN 50600  – our data centre solutions can help clients reduce their digital footprint.

We also believe that the communities in which data centres are located should benefit from their presence by a) enjoying the benefits of improved connectivity required by data centres, and b) from the diversion of surplus heat and energy into local heat grids.

Our Strategy

Realising our vision of reducing the environmental impact of the digital infrastructure industry is not something we can do on our own; nor is it something that can be achieved by working in individual silos.

Instead, we have developed an inter-disciplinary approach involving a consortium of disciplinary specialists representing all aspects of the data centre design, build, and operate continuum – manufacturers, power, IT, software, connectivity, finance, build, and resellers. Through collective innovative thinking, we are more likely to achieve our aims and leave a positive legacy for future generations.